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Being a system supplier means we also provide you with the communication between your equipment. Please consult with your local Flygt products expert to find out what is optimal for your sites.


Our modems are characterized by a comprehensive view. Tele modems are robust and developed for industrial use. Some modems can be used as dialed up communication and others for dedicated lines, Ethernet, GSM and GPRS. They can easily be adapted to different AT commands or switches, protocols, signal requirements and unmanned stations.


Radio is an option if you want to make an independent communication-net of your own.

There are several advantages as low working expenses, fast connection and independent of the telephone-net. Radio modems with Flygt AquaCom protocol implemented are available.



Reliable support and service

Rest assured that you can always rely on Flygt. We work closely with you, listening and sharing our profound knowledge in finding innovative solutions. We deliver on our warranties all the way. We are always close at hand to provide swift service and support whenever and wherever necessary and have a solid network of readily-accessible service centers, technical know-how, spare parts, and support. We ensure that you incur minimal downtime costs and the most cost-effective operations at all times

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