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Flygt hydro ejectors

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Smart mixing and flushing for retention basins

The water entering retention basins often contains settling solids, resulting in unpleasant odors and toxic gases. At the same time, the build-up of organic matter often necessitates manual cleaning. By installing a Flygt hydro ejecto,r the solids can easily be removed at the same time as the retention basin is emptied, on top of which the need for manual cleaning is eradicated. Flygt high-thrust hydro ejectors are designed to be used in almost any size or shape retention basin. The optimal position of the hydro ejector often varies in each retention basin, as they can be practically any shape.
High thrust, superior performance
The Flygt hydro ejector performs two different operations depending on the level of the water. Firstly, when submerged, the hydro ejector acts as a mixer by utilizing primary and secondary water flow. And secondly, when the water level is low and the nozzle is no longer submerged, the hydro ejector automatically turns into a flushing device. Water is pumped through the hydraulic end and out through the ejector pipe, resulting in a powerful jet, which relieves the basin floor and walls of organic matter.
Dynamic non-clogging efficiency
With the presence of solids in the stored water, clogging is always a potential problem. The Flygt hydro ejectors are therefore equipped with self-cleaning, sustained-efficiency N-hydraulics, and have a large nozzle diameter to eliminate any clogging.
Reliable support and service
A deep understanding of fluid handling and vast experience in mixing technologies make Flygt a trustworthy and reliable partner for your wastewater process requirements. We are always close at hand to provide swift service and support whenever and wherever necessary and have a solid network of readily accessible service centers, technical know-how, spare parts, and support. We ensure that you incur minimal downtime costs and the most cost-effective operations at all times.
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