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Flygt mid-size mixer 4530

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A step up in mid-size mixing

The newest addition to the Flygt range of innovative mixers and agitators, the Flygt 4530 incorporates a state-of-the-art propeller and proven drive unit for optimal efficiency in medium size treatment tanks. Typical applications are mixing in activated sludge processes, sludge holding tanks, and digesters.
Improved energy consumption
Our aim is to help you achieve operational efficiency in energy intensive treatment facilities. Getting the right design and size in your mixing application can make the difference for cost effective operations.
The Flygt 4530 mixer is an excellent choice when the propeller diameter of a full-size low-speed mixer is too large, but there’s room for something larger than a compact mixer. Compared to a direct-drive compact mixer, for example, the energy savings with the Flygt 4530 can be over 50% for a similar duty. With the most advantageous size, you’ll also get a dynamic duo of innovative propeller geometry and proven drive unit that’s all the better for high efficiency and smaller carbon footprint.
Reliability you can count on
Hundreds of thousands of mixer installations around the world are confirmation of the reliability and robustness of our solutions. Designed and built to the same consistent high standards, the Flygt 4530 ensures minimum maintenance and fewer unexpected process interruptions,
which add up to lower overall life-cycle costs.
Simplicity in the exchange
Changing out an existing installation is simple with the Flygt 4530. The mid-size mixer can be easily installed on a wall-mounted single guide bar, just like a compact mixer. What’s more, rapid, straightforward installation helps to reduce expenditure on your staff time and your budget.
Innovative propeller design
Finding inspiration in the standard-setting Flygt low-speed mixer, the 4530 propeller takes hydraulic efficiency and clog-free performance to new levels. A thin-section design that
incorporates generous backsweep and doublecurvature,
the rigid propeller is built for the best in efficiency and dependability.
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