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Flygt top-entry agitators

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Convenience and efficient performance

When deep tank mixing is essential for wastewater treatment processes, Flygt top-entry agitators deliver outstanding, cost-effective performance for applications that involve all types of fluids, including high-DS fibrous sludge. These Flygt agitators combine dry-installed drives with robust shafts and impellers for reliability, energy efficiency, hygienic handling, and ease of installation and service.
High process reliability, greater flexibility
Every component of Flygt top-entry agitators is engineered to withstand tens of thousands of hours of continuous operation. Parallel shaft geared motors combined with rigid drive shafts and specially designed impellers contribute to long-lasting operation.
Outstanding impeller design
Whether you choose our standard three-blade hydro-foil impellers or our proven non-clogging Flygt banana blade impellers, you get exceptional thrust and high bulk flow along with excellent energy efficiency. Our signature yellow impeller blades with the backswept design offer the advantage of self-cleaning to ensure clog-free operation, even in the presence of fibrous materials.
Design flexibility for any requirement
Our top-entry agitator portfolio comprises three reliable Flygt models that can be tailored to your process needs. Simply tell us about your agitation requirements and let us recommend the configuration that is right for you by specifying the impeller type, number, size, shaft, and position.
Reliable support and service
A deep understanding of fluid handling and vast experience in mixing technologies make Flygt a trustworthy and reliable partner for your wastewater process requirements. We are always close at hand to provide swift service and support whenever and wherever necessary and have a solid network of readily accessible service centers, technical know-how, spare parts, and support. We ensure that you incur minimal downtime costs and the most cost-effective operations at all times.
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