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The highest pumping efficiency for pumping very large flows

Flygt wet pit column pumps are custom designed to achieve the highest efficiencies at very high flows of up to 25,000l/s. Typical applications are cooling water, storm water, municipal and industrial water supply or sea water intakes.
Flygt vertical column pumps are suspended over the pump sump and operate directly in the pumped liquid.  The breadth of the product range makes them the ideal choice for a number of applications and for meeting specific performance requirements. 
Product features include a wide choice of impeller and bowl materials and the ability to customize each pump to your specific needs.
Reliable support and service
Rest assured that you can always rely on Flygt. We work closely with you, listening and sharing our profound knowledge in finding innovative solutions. We deliver on our warranties all the way. We are always close at hand to provide swift service and support whenever and wherever necessary and have a solid network of readily-accessible service centers, technical know-how, spare parts, and support. We ensure that you incur minimal downtime costs and the most cost-effective operations at all times. 
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