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Portable and reliable pumps for temporary application

Godwin automatic, self-priming pumps handle flows of up to 972 l/s (15,400 gpm), heads of up to 193 m (630 ft.) and solids of up to 125 mm (5 in.) in diameter. These portable pumps are equipped with an independent power source and prime from dry to 8.5 m (28 ft.) of suction lift and can run dry without sustaining any damage.
All models are available with trailer-mount for safe highway transportation, with stainless steel pump-end construction, and sound-attenuated enclosures.
Choose between high-volume, medium-head CD-series and medium-volume, high-head HL-series pumps.
Reliable rental, sales and service
We have a global service network to support you with application engineering, pump repair, spare parts, and turnkey on-site dewatering services. No matter what the challenge, our dewatering solutions keep you on solid ground.
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